Turkey Burger + Amy’s Shepherd’s Pie

When I find products I wouldn’t normally buy at the store marked down, I’ll usually pick it up to see if it’s worth adding to my grocery list once in a while.

I don’t eat much frozen prepared foods but when I do it’s usually something like Amy’s Indian meals, which are awesome.

This guy was on sale, so I figured why not.



It was alright. Not something I’d buy on a regular basis, and I probably won’t buy it again. I didn’t like the mashed potatoes on top, but the vegetables underneath were good. Just reminded me too much of instant potatoes (maybe they were?)

The real highlight of my meal was a turkey burger topped with Applegate Farms organic cheddar cheese and some sautéed onions. Try it!


Do you eat many frozen/prepared foods?

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2 Responses to Turkey Burger + Amy’s Shepherd’s Pie

  1. Rachel says:

    i’ve had this shepherd’s pie before and actually really liked it. i love her tamale pie too. frozen meals are convenient a lot of the times, which is why i like them. i’m also a salt freak. for me, i like frozen entrees because they tend to have a lot of food groups in them and you can actually find ones with great nutritional info. so it’s meals without thought, ready in minutes for when i’m on the go

  2. mmm the turkey burger looks quite delicious 🙂 And I agree about frozen meals – they’re usually a disappointment.

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