Chicken Thighs with Sautéed Onions and Broccoli


Every weekend like clockwork, I find myself craving this new meal. My weekend feels incomplete if I don’t have it at least once. Usually for lunch to break the fast.

With an abundance of tomatoes from my CSA share – more than even my tomato-loving-self can eat – so I slow roasted them and pureed them into a tomato sauce, and jarred them to eat over the next several weeks.

So on to my favorite meal. I think I save it for weekends because I’m not the best at preparing dark meat chicken (so I won’t even both explaining that). Anyone have any tips? I never let it bake long enough and end up cooking the rest in the pan. And it’s super messy! Not fun. But totally delicious and worth a little extra effort once or twice a week. 😉

Since dark meat chicken is more oily and fatty than chicken breast, when I cooked it and it releases some of that oil, I’ll throw some onions in the oil in the pan and let them cook along with it on the stove. Towards the end of this, I’ll boil 1-2 servings of broccoli, my absolutely favorite vegetable.



Assemble on a plate or toss altogether in a bowl.


I prefer separately on a plate. Topped or served on the side with my homemade marinara sauce and an assortment of Italian herbs for extra flavor.

Delicious and filling!

Do you have a favorite weekend meal? Can anyone school me on cooking and preparing dark meat chicken? Please? 


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9 Responses to Chicken Thighs with Sautéed Onions and Broccoli

  1. Rachel says:

    such a colorful meal! i honestly have no idea how to cook meat…woops. i love having biscuits and eggs on sunday mornings, it makes me feel like i’m still down in nashville. also, waffles are nice, but i haven’t had one in a while. at school we used to get waffles at brunch and then put all kinds of fun toppings on them!

  2. mom says:

    looks delicious!

  3. the best way to cook chicken thighs ever: in a tagine. my favorite meal and the best method!

  4. Amen says:

    Looks tasty! I’m going to make that tomorrow night!

  5. Great post! I i just like doing beef strips stir fry!

  6. Great post! I like chicken thighs. simple meal. I like grilling chicken thighs or doing it in adobo stew (philippino style). But regarding red meat i like doing beef stir fry

  7. Kelsey says:

    seriously one of my favorite dinner combinations. I had this the first night i went to my brother’s place in Vancouver- chicken with broccoli and red onion- mmm i can just taste it ❤


  8. Ooooh what a pretty meal! And that’s coming from a vegetarian LOL so you know I mean it 😉 So well presented!!

    Iiiiii am not watching the USF game lol. Honestly? Did not even know it was on! We don’t have internet at the apartment yet…or cable…or newspapers delivered…so I’m kinda living in the stone ages 😉

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