Groceries Eating Now

I think I’ll start a new series on the blog called Groceries Eating Now. It’s a thread I love over at the forums. Who knows, it may spark some creativity for you guys. I usually have something in mind when I go to the store and then hunt around for anything on sale.

I’ll just sing my praises of Kroger right now. I love them because when things are about to reach their “sell-by” date they mark them way down. 🙂

So I needed lettuce yesterday for salads and sandwiches because I was out…I guess I could have done without but I wanted a break from studying and wanted to see if I could find any chicken breasts or Laura’s Lean Beef steaks.

Definitely hit the jackpot yesterday. 😉

I got my organic romaine of course, plus some goat’s milk for making yogurt, 4 tubs of organic cottage cheese (I don’t normally by Horizon…I prefer Organic Valley or WF’s brand, but Kroger doesn’t sell those), chocolate Oikos, Organic Prairie ground turkey (on sale + coupon = win).photo-7

Plus a sirloin (!!), a tray pack of organic chicken breasts and a tray pack of organic chicken thighs.


I was in foodie heaven.

I baked one of the chicken thighs for lunch yesterday served alongside lots of veg. ‘Twas delicious. 🙂


How often do you grocery shop per week? Any great finds lately?


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6 Responses to Groceries Eating Now

  1. I shop once/week and write out my list for the week on Sunday. It really keeps me on budget, which is great!

  2. Trader joes wheat free raspberry blueberry oat bran muffins!

  3. Ma Ma Megan says:

    Organic Valley dairy tastes way better than horizon, but If it’s on sale I will buy it too 😛 I usually grocery shop once a week!

  4. I usually do a big trip to the grocery storeonce a week and then do a little trip or two during the same week. (I spend most of my money at the grocery store haha) The most recent awesome purchase made was online- coconut butter. This stuff tastes like fresh coconut but in a gooey (after warming) spread; great on a small whole wheat tortilla as a snack

  5. I make a menu for the week and then go shopping Saturday mornings. Carrots for $.89 a package at Trader Joe’s was my find this week!!

  6. LOL I totally stalk that thread too!

    We go grocery shopping 2x a week because I like my fruits and veggies FRESH..and also because as you know we’re staying with M’s grandparents, so we only have about 1/3 of a fridge to work with 😉

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