Weight Lifting Progress and New Deadlift PR


Friday’s is always my deadlifting day. I like having it at the end of the week so I can recharge throughout the weekend. They’re a whole body exercise and really taxing when going heavy so I’m usually pretty tired the rest of the day when I do them.

Thursday I had a huge carb load so I was hoping to make some progress in the gym Friday. I also added rack pulls to my routine to work on grip strength and lower back.

New deadlifting PR: 160lb x3, then 185×1(!!!). If my grip weren’t shot at this I might’ve been able to pull another one. I think I was just so excited I put the weight down and didn’t reset and try again.

Rack pulls – first time really doing this exercise besides just loading up the bar for deadlifting: 200lbs x 1

Guns progress:


Have you set any PRs recently?


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4 Responses to Weight Lifting Progress and New Deadlift PR

  1. Mom says:

    Nice shirt.

  2. Awesome progress! I really need to work on my grip strength as well. What is it that you are starting to do?

  3. YAY congratulations!!!!!! 🙂 That’s awesome.

    For grip — have you tried using straps? Gloves don’t help me at all (and I like my calluses thankyouverymuch) BUT straps work wonders for grip for me!

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