Increasing Bench

I was glad to be back in the gym this morning to lift. With it being summer and not really working anymore I feel like I haven’t got much else to do. Though I should enjoy it since school starts next week.

This morning was bench presses + a couple accessory exercises.

BB Bench Press: 65lbs 3×5 <—back to where I was before I left for vacation. Going to get more reps next time, and hopefully will have a spotter.

DB incline bench press: 20lbs x 9, 9, 8, 8 <—increased weight from 15lbs to 20lbs and still hit pretty much the same reps. 🙂 Very pleased! May have to increase again next week and do lower reps for strength.

BB military press: 45lbs x 5, 6, 7, 5 <— arms were pretty beat and after doing just 5 reps on my first sets I was determined to push for more to do better than last week.

Tricep cable pushdown: 25lbs x 20, 15 <— increase! 🙂

I think benching twice per week is helping (or going to) help bring up my bench.

Really pleased with today’s workout. Hoping this is the sign of a good lifting week to come. Tomorrow will be squats and I’ll move up to the big plates (yay!) and going for 135lbs 3×5.

How’s your week starting off? See you next time with some food and more lifting stuff.  I’m still loving IF, and thinking about doing a post on it.

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