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Chicken Thighs with Sautéed Onions and Broccoli

  Every weekend like clockwork, I find myself craving this new meal. My weekend feels incomplete if I don’t have it at least once. Usually for lunch to break the fast. With an abundance of tomatoes from my CSA share … Continue reading

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Micro Plates

  Yesterday I received my new microplates in the mail. I’m super excited to use them in the upcoming weeks, mainly on my bench press (which is weak), and maybe on my pendlay rows. Might use them on squats and … Continue reading

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Groceries Eating Now

I think I’ll start a new series on the blog called Groceries Eating Now. It’s a thread I love over at the forums. Who knows, it may spark some creativity for you guys. I usually have something in mind when … Continue reading

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Weight Lifting Progress and New Deadlift PR

  Friday’s is always my deadlifting day. I like having it at the end of the week so I can recharge throughout the weekend. They’re a whole body exercise and really taxing when going heavy so I’m usually pretty tired … Continue reading

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Mexican Pizza

During the week when I have time for lunch at home, I’ve been loving Mexican food. There’s only one place here I like, but find that I like it better when I make it at home. Mexican “Pizza” serves 1 … Continue reading

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Almost Chicken Parm

  And by “almost,” I mean because it’s not breaded or fried. It is, in fact, healthy. 🙂 Almost Chicken Parm: Chicken breast Marinara sauce/tomato sauce Cheese of choice Dried herbs (basil, oregano, thyme, etc.) bread crumbs (optional) Pre-heat oven … Continue reading

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Tax Free Weekend Shopping

I love tax free weekend. It’s up there with Victoria’s Secrets semi-annual as best times to shop. I got some new jeans, shorts, and shirts for school, and new BCBG leopard print flats – basically professional dress stuff. Some cute … Continue reading

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