Back Workout and Groceries

I had a great back workout today: changing my workout plan back to working in the 5 rep range to gain strength, especially upper body which I’m lacking a lot. Pulled 75lb 5×5 Pendlay Rows today. Very pleased! Also did 25lb/DB bench press. I’m going to bench twice per week to improve on my weakness.

Got some pretty stellar groceries at Kroger this week: 3 cornish hens and 3 bags of organic broccoli on markdown. Sweet!

So Delicious Cherry Nirvana ice cream, Rice Dream organic vanilla ice cream, Udi’s GF granola, ethically raised (but sadly not grass-fed) sirloin steak, sweet potato, mahi mahi (haven’t had this in forever), organic strawberries and organic chicken breast. I had no idea Kroger sold wild-caught fish and organic chicken breast. I’ve been paying a ton at Earthfare for it, but now I’ll go to Kroger. And they sell sockeye salmon. 🙂


Dinner tonight was delicious! The above steak grilled perfectly. There was quite a bit of fat to cut off, which is why I prefer grass-fed ground beef over steak. Sides of green beans and kabocha fries.


How are you improving your weak points in your workouts?

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One Response to Back Workout and Groceries

  1. Ashlei girl, you know how to stock up!! the hens i wasn’t expecting but the ice cream and broccoli (altho not in the same bowl haha) LOOK FABULOUS! ooo Udi’ Granola- nice! ❤

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