Back Muscles

Quick weight lifting update. Baby got back. 😛

This was taken May 5: P1020518

This was taken July 18:


Huge difference, right? Or can you not tell?

There’s been some fat gain too but you can’t gain muscles without gaining fat too. Working on a slow bulk through winter. I know I’m growing because a lot of my shirts that used to be loose on me are now pretty tight across the shoulders and in the arms.

Today’s workout was squat/leg day:

Squats: 120lb: 3 x 6, 6, 7

DB lunges: 10lb/hand: 2 x 20/leg

Leg Press: 230lb 3 x 12

Tricep Pushdown (forgot to do it yesterday…oops): 20lb: 3 x 20

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2 Responses to Back Muscles

  1. raiku5 says:

    you look leaner in my opinion but with more muscle obviously so keep it up 🙂

  2. Ola says:

    Definitely looks like you’ve been adding some mass to your upper body! Looking good.
    Checked around your blog and found some cool recipies that I might dwelve into, if only I can find the time to spend some time in the kitchen!
    Are your primary goals to live as healthy as possible with fresh, organic food or do you have competition in mind in the future perhaps?
    Anyways, as said.. looking good.

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