Touring the National Parks: Lassen Volcanic National Park

Internet and computer time has been few and far between with lots of camping and being outdoors. I’ve been to quite a few states and through quite a few climate changes…it’s really been an interesting trip so far. After Yosemite we left and headed further north in California to Lassen Volcanic National Park – it’s not very well known and is one of the least visited parks in the nation; astonishing because it was so beautiful…and cold!




There was tons of snow everywhere because it’s high in elevation.



The volcanic parks are my favorite with their thermal areas and smoking ground areas.




Gurgling mud areas…




Smelled like really intense sulfuf (think rotting eggs)…



After being at Lassen, the hot springs at Yellowstone (though cool), didn’t compare.

After Lassen we drove further north passing Mt. Shasta… IMG_1094

…up in Oregon, then Washington to Mount St. Helens.




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5 Responses to Touring the National Parks: Lassen Volcanic National Park

  1. Great pics, makes me want to go back and visit!

  2. ilovefetacheese says:

    omg that park looks amazing. These are some of my favorite kinds of trips – just driving around seeing scenery!!

  3. looks so cool! Ah I really want to go visit back out west now haha

  4. its so majestic looking! the bubbling mud is SO COOL! ❤

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