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Acai Vanilla Protein Smoothie

Today was spent mostly relaxing and resting after a long week of work and workouts. I was wanting a smoothie this afternoon and had an unsweetened acai smoothie pack in my freezer needing to be used. Acai Vanilla Protein Smoothie … Continue reading

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Back Workout and Groceries

I had a great back workout today: changing my workout plan back to working in the 5 rep range to gain strength, especially upper body which I’m lacking a lot. Pulled 75lb 5×5 Pendlay Rows today. Very pleased! Also did … Continue reading

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Intermittent Fasting

  When I first heard of intermittent fasting on a daily basis, I thought it’d never be for me. Never. I loved breakfast, and eating in the morning way too much. But in terms of body composition and people’s testimonies on … Continue reading

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Progress and Bruises

  Last week was a good workout week: bumped up my squats to 125lb (5×5), did 7 reps of deadlifts at 135lbs, BB row at 70lbs, and hoping to improve my bench some more…it needs work. I’ve switched up my … Continue reading

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Mt. Rainer and Glacier National Parks

Still showering you guys with photos from my trip. There’s only a few more posts so enjoy the scenery. 😉 After we left Mt. St. Helens we headed a little bit north to Mt. Rainier in Washington. Talk about cold … Continue reading

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Back Muscles

Quick weight lifting update. Baby got back. 😛 This was taken May 5: This was taken July 18: Huge difference, right? Or can you not tell? There’s been some fat gain too but you can’t gain muscles without gaining fat … Continue reading

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Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens was one of my favorite stops along the trip. I don’t know if it’s just the sheer beauty of it or the thought of how monstrous and powerful it was. It’s amazing what nature can do. Short … Continue reading

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