What To Do With Leftover Bags

Saving the planet one plastic bag at a time. As much as I try to buy fresh because 1. I like it better, and 2. there’s less garbage waste associated with it, there’s still plenty I buy in packages. Like frozen fruit and veggies. And seaweed. And other stuff that comes in bags. I try to re-use jars and canisters as much as possible, and to accumulate as little trash as possible.

So what’s a girl to do with these leftover bags? I think it rewinds to a little problem I have in my apartment. Because I don’t accumulate much trash, it doesn’t get changed too often (doesn’t sound like too much of a problem, right? Ha ;)). After awhile all the food scraps start to accumulate, smell, and draw bugs (e.g. maggots). Yeah, it’s gross.

So I’ve started taking the bags leftover from using a bag of frozen fruit, veggies, bags that hearts of romaine come in, etc., and putting foods scraps in there, keeping them separate from the regular trash. Then throwing this away separately.

So far, problem solved. 🙂


I’m looking into getting a composting bin, but it just hasn’t happened yet. Still not sure how composting works, so I need to figure that out.

Any tips?

How do you try to reduce your waste (or do you?) 

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5 Responses to What To Do With Leftover Bags

  1. OOo this is so smart! I used to have a horrible problem with fruit flies. Problem solved!

  2. teenagehealthfreak says:

    we don’t have a legit composter..but we just have a bowl on our counter..and we put our compostable scraps in it..and dump it in our garden..then when my dad tills it gets pulled under and into the soil..so it’s pretty close…..we also recycle EVERYTHING we can.

    • Ashlei says:

      That’s awesome! I do this a tiny bit, but it’s hard living in an apartment without a garden! I can’t wait to have a place with a garden…one day!

  3. Katie says:

    I love that you are doing this! I should be more earth friendly and do this too!

    Love you girl!! miss u!!

  4. Kalli says:

    great idea! me i like the bags because i use them to pick up pepsi’s poop! tmi? so sorry ashlei! have a great day girl……

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