Tea Snob

Hidden in the back of my cabinet was this 1/2lb of yerba mate tea I bought awhile back to try, didn’t care for too much so I shuffled it to the back of the stash.

I thought it was time to bring it back to the front, this time mixing it 1:1 with some green tea to cut its strong flavor.



I try to only drink loose leaf tea (because I’m a tea snob ;)), but sometimes it’s a pain to brew. Enter, my mini coffee/tea press. Hello, love. Still a pain to clean up afterwards.


What’s your favorite kind of tea? Sweetened or un? Definitely straight up for me. Coffee too.

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4 Responses to Tea Snob

  1. Ma Ma Megan says:

    Definitely unsweetened tea. I like black coffee too! 😀

  2. vndonates says:

    Chamomille! Lightly sweetened. 🙂

  3. Yeah I drink coffee and tea straight up. I need to get more into tea though… but I think it would detract from my coffee-consumption… so coffee it is.

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