Lifting Progress

My school’s gym where I usually lift is down for annual maintenance (fixing the pads on the equipment, pool repairs, re-finishing the basketball court floors, etc.) until May 25 😦 which means no serious lifting until then. I must say I really really miss it, as well as the gym environment and my few lifting buddies.

Last time I talked about what lifting’s done for me I got a lot of positive feedback about you guys wanting to hear more about it so I’ll slowly try to incorporate it into posts. I’m by no means an expert and have learned what I know from lots of research and reading, as well as more experienced lifters. My favorite resource (and motivational!) sites are Strong Lifts and The former I use for my “main” training plan, and incorporate stuff from into my routine too. I read up TONS on technique and how to lift from strong lifts, and bodybuilding has great videos, a wide variety of weight lifting exercises by body part, as well as a great selection of routines and forums with tons of info. I think the most important tips to start lifting is JOURNAL and start slow. Since I’ve started I’ve written down what day, plan out my routine, and then as I’m lifting fill in the actual number of reps (vs. my goal that I’ve written down), etc. This way you can go back and see how far you’ve come. It’s also important to start slow, get your technique down, and use proper form. Without proper form, there’s no point in lifting, and bad technique can lead to injuries (sometimes serious!).

OK, on to some progress pictures. These aren’t “baseline” by any means because I’d been doing quite a bit of dumbbell work for a few months before taking these, but once I got more serious about lifting I knew I needed pictures in addition to my journal to chart my progress.

March 24, 2011






May 6, 2011Β (don’t mind the bruise on my arm…I think I get them from lifting…who knows) πŸ˜‰


Lifting has worked wonders for my leg and glute definition.


I need to work on my left a little more apparently.




I think upping my protein intaking and decreasing carbs a little has helped tone up my tummy too.



I’m so glad to see my shoulders getting broader, so I can get rid of my pear shape and become more muscular and hourglass shaped (somewhat anyway). πŸ˜‰


So for now I’m just doing a little P90X, but unfortunately the dumbbells I have aren’t too heavy so some of the exercises aren’t too effective, and some Turbo Fire for some fun and intense workouts.

Plus some yoga/stretching/foam rolling, and lots of walking.

What’s the most important tip for your workouts and fitness?

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9 Responses to Lifting Progress

  1. You’re looking amazing!

  2. GettingItTogether says:

    Great pics(!) and congrats on your progress, girl! I need to get rid of my pear shape, but I’m pretty sure I would injure myself. Anyway, keep the updates coming!

  3. Awesome job! I wish I had taken pictures from my start until now. Facebook helps somewhat but it’s harder to compare picture to picture. I think the visual changes you see with lifting are one of the most fun parts of it.
    I also noticed that my shoulders have started to broaden with lifting as well. It’s such an odd thing that I wouldn’t have thought would happen

  4. vndonates says:

    Keep it up! Looking good!

  5. Katie says:

    Girl you are looking great!! I have to say the new toned body and hot hair cut are doing u good!! I’m proud of you!! Love the lulu pants and tank too!!!!! Muah!!

  6. Kayla says:

    YEAH girl! You are looking great! I’ve also been noticing definition and more muscle from all the strength training i’ve been implementing!

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