How to Cut Back on Sugar and Extend a Jar of Jelly

I think I may just call myself a genius for figuring this out. Some jellies have wayyyyy too much sugar in them, and since I try not to eat tons of sugar, plus I’m not a fan of super sweet things, preferring them to be naturally sweet, this seemed natural.

And there’s the fact that I like texture. I like my nut butters and jams to be chunky.

Let’s kill two birds with one stone here.

You’ll need 1 jar of jelly, 1 c. frozen fruit thawed (I used strawberries and a few gojis because the jelly I was using was strawberry ;)), and another small jar.


Add about 1/3 of the jelly from the original jar to the new. Add in 1/3 of the frozen fruit and mash into it with a spoon or knife.

Add the remaining fruit to the original jar and do the same thing.



Texture: check. Less sugar: check. More jelly: check. Better for you: check.


Be back tomorrow (hopefully) with an awesome breakfast cake recipe. 😉

Have a great weekend!

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8 Responses to How to Cut Back on Sugar and Extend a Jar of Jelly

  1. Melinh says:

    Oh that’s smart!! I’ve never thought of doing that with my jelly.

  2. Katie says:

    What jelly genius you are ; ) love it!!

    Oh breakfast cake? Send some my way!!

    Love you!!!!!

  3. genius! i’m with you on jellies being too sweet! great solution!

  4. GingerandRice says:

    Fantastic idea! Yea, I’ve definitely had that problem where I want the taste and texture of jelly, but I don’t want all that sugar.

  5. Thank you for a great post.

  6. Cassara says:

    Damian pisze:Ładnie, ładnie, tylko ten bi2uowiec&#8r30; Zawsze coś musi być A swoją drogą to razem wymierzyliśmy w tej same chwili w tym samym kierunku, tylko że ja z Ptakowic

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