A couple weekends ago I got the opportunity to go to Seattle for the APhA (American Pharmacists Association) annual meeting in Seattle. Seeing as I love to travel, and have wanted to visit Seattle I jumped (not really) at the opportunity. It was a short weekend, with cool people and crummy weather, but overall I had a good time. It was a much needed break from school too. 🙂

The weekend was overcast most of the time, if not raining, and a bit cold. The hotel we stayed at was downtown right in the heart of just about everything. Oh, how I miss living in a city.


We journeyed down to the Pike Place Market a couple times.


Had lunch in a restaurant that was part of the movie Sleepless in Seattle (Tom Hanks….swoon!) 😉


There was a yummy veggie scramble devoured beside an amazing view of the water. Side of sliced tomatoes, just my style.


The market was crowded with tourists, of course.


There were definitely quite a few Starbucks runs. 🙂 I love coffee. Love it love it. And Seattle is the home of the very first Starbucks (pictured below). The one souvenir I did get was a mug from here which I drink out of pretty much on a daily basis.



One day I stopped at the Whole Paycheck for some much needed veggies. I packed lots of dried fruit, apples, granola bars, and carrots, but otherwise no veg…and I was craving it!


Seattle has a monorail – how cool! It was kind of like being at Disney World (aww, I miss Florida).


We went to the Space Needle. Way cool. And way too much to get in.








See the storm coming in? It was kind of cool to see, but then it started raining and we ran inside. 😛



Have you been to Seattle? What was your favorite part?

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6 Responses to Seattle

  1. Melinh says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle! It looks amazing

  2. hihorosie says:

    ha ha! I’m here! Glad you had fun but too bad the weather was typical for ya. Maybe next time it’ll put on a show for you because truly when the sun shines here there’s nothing like it. Well, almost. Don’t you just love the EMP, the big colorful blob that it is? 😉

  3. I have never been to Seattle but it is on my list!

  4. I’ve never been to Seattle. Not my first choice esp since it’s so far away (I’m in NH). I always want to go somewhere very warm and tropical, where the sun is always shining! 🙂

  5. I am so jealous of your travels! I’ve never been to Seattle, but it looks like a fun city! It will have to go on my to-travel list. 😀

  6. I’ve never been there, but Seattle and NYC are on my must visit places!

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