Artisana makes some of the best raw, organic nut butters, and (lucky me), they sent me some samples to try. 🙂


I first fell in love with their products when I tried the coconut butter and the cacao bliss. It’s like eating frosting that’s not loaded up with sugar.

Their cashew butter is definitely my favorite of the lots. It’s so rich and creamy unlike any of the roasted variety by other brands. Similarly the macadamia nut butter is really rich and smooth too.

The walnut and pecan butters taste like a smooth paste of walnuts and pecans, respectively. I think I prefer to just eat the nuts though.

I love their tahini because it’s the only raw variety I can find. Tahini is like a savory peanut butter and I love using it as a salad dressing or mixed in with some raw kraut.

I have yet to try the others yet, but I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

What’s your favorite nut butter? What’s your favorite to make at home, raw or roasted?

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7 Responses to Artisana

  1. Janet Christian says:

    I love their products! They taste wonderful.

  2. hihorosie says:

    I love every product I’ve tried from them (tahini in the fridge as we speak and just finished off a jar of coconut butter). Haven’t tried ca$hew (lol) but no doubt would love it. Same with macademia nut. Mmm… You scored with all those samples! 🙂

  3. You lucky duck! I’d love to try those, but I’ve only ever seen the coconut kind here. I’ll have to watch out for the cashew butter, if I ever get to a bigger city.

  4. Ahhh…artisana has the best stuff. What a fun package of goodies! 😀

    My favorite nut butter so far has been either (a) Trader Joe’s almond butter, roasted with sea salt or (b) PB&Company’s maple peanut butter. Both are amazing. 😀

  5. Katie says:

    Hi love!!

    The only thing that I have tried from them was their coconut butter, and I LOVE it! I want to try all those yums! Did u buy those squeeze packs?! I need those!

    Oh , Mike got the bumblebee hello kitty at Target!! It is in the toy section!!!!! I love u!

  6. Ma Ma Megan says:

    My favorite peanut butter to buy is this cashew peanut almond butter from target. So many great flavors mixed together!
    At home I love making roasted pecan butter or raw almond butter. SO yummy 🙂

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