Ethnic cuisines

I love ethnic foods of all kinds – Ethiopian, Thai, Indian, Mexican. It’s so different from the everyday affair you’ll find anywhere else. Different spices, different flavors.

Eating with your hands, like at Ethiopian restaurants.

Thai food is something I’ve tried to re-create at home without much luck because I don’t have most of the ingredients. And, well, let’s face it – it intimidates me a little bit.

Coconut red curry tofu. (Sorry for the dark picture – dark lighting).


Black bean enchiladas ❤ Being gluten-free everything has to be on corn tortillas. But that’s ok with me!


Extra tomatoes please.

What kind of ethnic foods do you enjoy?

I think I would consider raw foods sort of like an “ethnic” food – and I love them. Will hopefully be bringing you more [easy!] recipes that are raw or mostly raw.

Zucchini pasta.


Raw parfait.

Have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to Ethnic cuisines

  1. Caitlyn says:

    I always ask for extra tomatoes as well! BTW, your zucchini pastas looks very, very good! I love substituting zucchini strips for pasta. It adds a whole new dimension of flavor to the meal.

  2. I love ethnic food! Indian food is totally a favorite of mine. Your food looks amazing!

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