Recipe: Raw Lemon Cashew Pudding

Since I’ve bought my new personal blender I’ve been playing around more with raw recipes. It really is the perfect size to throw together raw puddings, small smoothies, mix dressings, and so on.

I present to you a play on my first raw pudding

Raw Lemon Cashew Pudding
serves 4

  • 1 cup cashews, raw
  • 1/4 cup coconut butter (or shredded coconut packed)
  • 1 t. lemon zest
  • juice of half a lemon (about 1 T.)
  • 1 cup water
  • 1+ date(s) or 1 T. raw honey or agave (optional)

Measure out all ingredients.


Add to your blender, food processor, or Magic Bullet, along with 1 c. water.


Blend until smooth.


If desired, pour into containers to make for easier grabbing.

Refrigerate! This will help it to solidify if it seems too liquidy.


I only added 1 date and thought this was plenty, but if you like it sweeter add more dates or opt for some stevia drops, or raw honey instead.

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8 Responses to Recipe: Raw Lemon Cashew Pudding

  1. Chris Taylor says:

    Ashlei you know better than to waste good pudding especially if your taking a photo of it…….. love ya girly miss ya hope you enjoy your pudding…. 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    I am thinking about getting one of these to replace my dying Magic Bullet. The bullet definitely isn’t powerful enough for cashews, so this makes me excited to see! How do you like it?

    What other puddings do you make? I’m a fiend these days, but I can’t use the gums or silken tofu for creaminess. I’m thinking I need to buy more bananas to freeze!

    • Ashlei says:

      I love this little blender – the only nuts I’ve tried are cashews but it does a pretty good job with chia seeds in smoothies too. Next up I’m thinking almonds. And I’ve made a good tahini dressing with it too. I’ve never used a Magic Bullet before but I like that instead of having to “stir” the contents I just take it off the base and give it a good shaking then put it back on the base and blend some more (the bottom screws on…unlike lids with regular blenders). I got the one with the extra containers on CSN Stores (yay for blogger review codes) but you can get them on Amazon too for about the same price. Idk if they’re sold in stores or not – or if that matters. I also really like that it has smaller containers – good for dressing and grinding stuff – and larger containers that I use for smoothies and puddings. And yes you need more bananas to use. I’ve never tried the gums because they’re expensive and I just don’t know what I think of them…I like using nuts or chia gels.

  3. Cashews!!! mmmm i had something similar at a raw cafe, it was a topping on one of their fruit salads/parfaits- so tasty 😀


  4. katie says:

    Looks yum-o! WHat kind of blender is that? It must be powerful! I love how creative you are, I wish I had more time to be creative in the kitchen or the patience :p

    Love u!

    • Ashlei says:

      It’s the Tribest Personal Blender. I love it! It’s pretty powerful and makes smaller portions, which I love! It’s like a Magic Bullet, sort of.

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