Time and Food Saving Tip: Freezing Soup Stock

I love soup stocks: chicken, vegetable – it doesn’t matter. They add great flavor to a wide variety of dishes. In addition to soups they can be used to cook grains in for a more savory flavor, or can be spooned on top of meat of fish when they’re cooking.

Whenever I buy a whole chicken at the store, I always make soup stock with the leftover carcass after I’ve taken off all the meat. What’s left is a savory pot of liquid bursting with flavor. Every last bit of the chicken has a use – it’s time to live primally and use it all, right?

For me anyway! 😉


After I boiled the chicken bones and fat in some water, then removed everything just leaving the liquid, I placed it in some ziplock containers and stuck it in the fridge. The purpose of this is to let the fat solidify to make it easier to remove some of it. I leave some for flavor, but there’s often too much in there.

After that I freeze some in ice cube trays and then pop the cubes into a bag and keep it in the freezer so I always have stock on hand. This way is much easier than freezing all of it in the same container in case you only need a little bit to flavor some grains or vegetables.

This method also works great for boxed soup broths. Sometimes I don’t need the whole box of broth so I’ll freeze what I haven’t used instead of tossing it out.

Waste not, want not.

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4 Responses to Time and Food Saving Tip: Freezing Soup Stock

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  2. This is such a good idea! I hate wasting perfectly good stock

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