The Personal Blender

Since I started seeing the Tribest Personal Blender emerging as a popular blender for taking to work or while traveling, I found myself kind of wanting one – so when the opportunity to do a review for CSN Stores presented itself, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to get one for myself and give it a whirl…literally! 😉


I opted for the blender/grinder package instead of just the blender; I prefer to grind my own flaxseeds and spices, and have plans to make my own almond meal with it.


It came equipped with 2 larger containers and 2 smaller containers, lids for each, 1 commuter lid which is perfect for travelling, and 1 blade for grinding and 1 for blending.


I own a Vita-mix for really powerful blending, but some jobs are just too small for it to do, which is where the personal blender comes in handy: salad dressings, grinding nuts, seeds, and spices, making nut pates, or smoothies for one (though depending on the size and if I use ice I will often make smoothies in the Vita-mix).

What I really loved about using this is that if part of it isn’t blending I just removed the container from the base and gave it a good shake to mix things up, instead of having to remove the lid and stir (often several times) which is sometimes the case with my hand blender or regular blenders.

Similar to the Magic Bullet, this is perfect for making raw treats for one because it can grind dates and nuts really easily and the rest of the ingredients can be incorporated afterwards. Also because of it’s small size it makes for easy clean up, and I can see why this would be so great to bring to the office to whip up a quick smoothie.

For more powerful jobs (like blending a whole roasted butternut squash into puree, or blending larger smoothies with ice) I’ll stick to my Vita-mix, but for small jobs, salad dressings, pestos and salsa, raw treats, and grinding, I’ll let the personal blender have a go at it.

If you own a Magic Bullet or Personal Blender, what are some of your favorite uses for it?

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11 Responses to The Personal Blender

  1. radioactivegan says:

    I don’t have a personal blender, but my immersion blender has a small contained blender attachment that’s similar. I finally realized that it is the perfect size for grinding nuts for recipes. My blendtec is just too powerful to get an even grind on only a half cup or less of nuts, but this thing works wonders! I can’t believe it took me three years to pull it out of the cabinet and try it 🙂

  2. I was thinking of getting one, but I have the magic bullet and I am pleased with it with certain things, but I hate that it can’t pulvarize frozen fruits as much as I’d like and smells like it’s burning the motor after 30 seconds!. So how is it compared to magic bullet power-wise?

    I wish the vitamix can create a personal travel sized blender!

    • Ashlei says:

      I wish the VM would create a personal sized blender too! I’m not sure how the Tribest one compares to the Magic Bullet since I’ve never used one, but the Tribest does a great job with frozen fruit and didn’t smell like it was overheating.

  3. Steph says:

    I think the best part about it is how easy it is to clean!

  4. This looks awesome! I used to have a magic bullet in college, but it left with my roommate. ::tear:;

  5. I’ve been thinking about getting a personal blender, but don’t have one yet. The Tribest is a tempting purchase for our next trip visiting inlaws.

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  9. amy says:

    I have the Tribest personal blender. It’s pretty awesome. There are so many good reviews on for the Tribest and that was part of the reason why I bought it over the Magic Bullet. I also have the vitamix and i agree sometimes its annoying to use because of its size for such small task. I am also hoping that vitamix would create a personal blender. I trust vitamix more than magic bullet but magic bullet just came out with a new and more powerful blender called the Nutribullet, which has 600 watts. Im tempted to buy it but I would much prefer to buy one made from vitamix.

    • The plastic in Nutribullet is not BPH free. There are reports of it leaking and of burning smell. It does break the cell wall of fruit and veg so does Vitamix. If you are after a really cool travelling blender/grinder with the mason glass jars and mason glass blending attachment then the Tribest is the one!

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