Grass Root Organic Restaurant

I came upon this place just browsing through one of the inserts in the newspaper one Sunday morning a couple years ago….and I haven’t looked back. This is one of my absolutely favorite restaurants ever.

I love the atmosphere, and the ambiance.


The dining area is a big open room with plenty of natural sunlight coming in the windows.


The walls are lined with unique artwork and bookshelves with books on nutrition, raw food, food combining and other similar topics.


And the food…the food is amazing. They offer a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and raw/living foods, as well as fresh juices and smoothies.


I started off with a hot rooibos tea.



My mom and I split some chips and guac, as well as a bowl of their vegetable soup served with a side of gluten-free toast rounds.


I’m not sure how long this soup simmered or how it was made, but it was full of vegetables that were so tender and flavorful. Nice and chunky, just the way a good vegetable soup should be.


As an entree we split the raw pad thai, which came with a side salad topped with a homemade dressing.


The raw pad thai was made of kelp noodles with a little bit of spiraled zucchini, and diced red and yellow peppers, served on top of a little bit of romaine. The sauce was a creamy, slightly rich asian sauce that was absolutely delicious.



And we split the raw Key Lime Sheezecake – my mom just couldn’t wait to dig in before I snapped a photo. 😉


If you’ve tried raw foods before, what are some of your favorite raw dishes? If you have never tried raw foods, what kind of dish would you like to try?

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5 Responses to Grass Root Organic Restaurant

  1. The Therapist in the Kitchen says:

    My wife and I ate an exclusively raw food diet for about 6 months and loved it. Unfortunately it was difficult to keep up an exclusively raw food diet in the middle of winter in Minnesota, but we still eat tons of raw food along with a lot of healthy cooked foods. Balance seems to work best for us. We do have a great raw food restaurant in Minneapolis called Ecopolitan. If you are ever in Minneapolis you should give it a try–amazing!

  2. This place looks great, love the atmosphere! Oh yeah, I’ve tried raw and eat about 50-70% raw currently as I’ve been craving more cooked vegan dishes during the cold winter months. Balance is the key, maintaining 100% is tough. My faves are huge salads with raw creamy dressing and most chocolate raw desserts.

  3. I haven’t tinkered much with raw foods, but I do love making a raw kale salad with guac, tomatoes, garlic and lemon juice. It’s absolutely delicious, especially after it’s been sitting for a while.

    This place is so quaint and artsy…love it! 😀

  4. yummy!! i have never ever been to a resturant like that. i’ve always wanted to …but there is no such thing around here. i definatly would want to try a raw cheesecake!!!

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