I love music, and I love concerts. No matter what I’m doing I’ll usually have my favorite CD at the time playing. Except studying that is. But if I’m cooking, sewing, or cleaning, I’m always dancing around my house to whatever is playing.

Last week I went to a local radio station’s concert – one of the few that comes through my small town with bands I enjoy.


One of my new friends, Merranda, and I. It’s been hard to make friends since moving up here. I grew up in a different area than everyone from around here did, so it’s hard fitting in. The couple of friends I do have I really like though. Maybe it’s because she’s from Nashville and not from here we get along so well. Or it could be that we have such similar taste in music, both play the flute, like forensics (that we saw a lecture on last night, including pictures from real cases), and other things.


The bands we got to see were: Hot Chelle Rae…


…We the Kings…


…Sick Puppies…


…The Ready Set..(hands down my favorite of the night and my current favorite bands. He’s incredibly talented)…


…and 3OH!3…they had great energy and really got the crowd going, and their songs are funny.


Made for a great night of music.

Do you enjoy concerts? What was one that you remember as your favorite?

I saw Michael Buble last year and it was amazing, even though I was way up in the nosebleed seats. 😉

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4 Responses to Concerts

  1. I love music, and I always think I’ll like to go to concerts, but they’re not really my thing. I always leave them feeling dirty and have a headache from the music being so loud. I’m so lame.

  2. Katie says:

    I used to go to punk rock concerts 4-5 times a week. Yes, I was a punk rocker. I rarely go to them anymore, because the music I like has changed and they are way more expensive! I totally want to see NKOTB with The Backstreet Boys. And yes, I am being 100% serious.

  3. Caitlyn says:

    I would love to see Michael Buble in concert. Or Josh Groban. I have never been to a concert, though. It’s on my bucket list!

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