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How to Stay Healthy while on Vacation

While vacationing or traveling it’s really easy to stick to your healthy eating plan. The first thing I make sure I do is pack my own food. It’s especially important to bring plenty of snacks because who knows when hunger … Continue reading

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Grass Root Organic Restaurant

I came upon this place just browsing through one of the inserts in the newspaper one Sunday morning a couple years ago….and I haven’t looked back. This is one of my absolutely favorite restaurants ever. I love the atmosphere, and … Continue reading

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Ethnic cuisines

One of the great things about being back in a city is the variety of ethnic foods available for my choosing. Back home I usually just try my hand at duplicating these cuisines because they aren’t available. One of my … Continue reading

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New in 2011

Let me know what you guys like to read about, please. 🙂

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It’s good to be home

Since I’ve been home I’ve been to more concert, more movies, eaten out more, and hung out with friends more than I have when I’m home in Tennessee. In case you missed any previous posts, I’ve got to see the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Clean Eating Chelsey

I’m going to try something new – I love having guest bloggers while I’m on vacation, but having a Macbook makes transferring stuff difficult. The next post I’ve got for you is by Chelsey from Clean Eating Chelsey. She’s got … Continue reading

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No regrets

I hope you guys are enjoying the guest posts so far! If you missed them, check out Caitlyn’s and Sarah’s – both are great! I’ve got a couple more lined up as well! I’m having a great time back home … Continue reading

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