There’s something comforting about soup and a sandwich.


Raw crudités, some brie and grapes.


It’s an easy lunch. Healthy, full of flavor. Everything that a good meal should be.

As for Edy, I like to give her a little something special sometimes too.

A baked potato:


…sometimes some beans, or baby carrots.

Just no raisins or grapes for dogs.


She loves the little extra additions to her food.


What’s your favorite “easy” meal?

Do you ever feed your dog veggies?

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9 Responses to Simple

  1. Ohhh I used to take mental health days in high school and they were always glorious. Hope today has been relaxing!!

    I don’t have a Kindle/Nook because I like the feel of a book in my hands. I spend enough time looking at screens!!

    • Ashlei says:

      I hope you’ve had a great day too!

      I keep looking at the kindle (or similar devices), but yeah I like having a book in my hands too, and not staring at the screen. I like the idea of consolidating though! I’d probably have too many books on there to read though!

  2. Jenny says:

    I’m waiting to see Harry Potter with my family when I go home for thanksgiving break! I’m a total book worm. Actually every Tuesday I write a review of either a book or TV show, this week’s was Julie & Julia. I recommend it!

  3. I’m glad to hear that you liked Trail of Crumbs! I bought it a while back, read the first few pages, and put it back down. But knowing that the beginning was slow paced but you still enjoyed the rest of the book is enough motivation for me to pick it up again. 😀

  4. Katie says:

    Harry Potter!!! I drove by the theater yesterday and there was already a line for the midnight show at 11 am! People are nuts. I live in a tiny town, and the theater is crazy on weekends, so I think I’m going on Monday. I need to avoid all media so as to not ruin it.

    You know I love to read. 🙂

  5. Caitlyn says:

    I read this post right after I wrote mine!! We must be on the same wavelength!

  6. ZeeBee says:

    Mmm Soup has been my go-to meal for the past couple of weeks.. I just can’t get enough!! Our pup loves veggies and apples.. although, papaya makes him really thirsty!! Haha 🙂

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