Mental health day

Sometimes I just need a mental health day. No work. No school. Just a day to take my time and enjoy it.

No stress from school. No pressure to get everything done in one day.

On days like these I sometimes like to take afternoon naps – recharge my batteries.

I like to sit down and enjoy a good book next to the window I have propped open, allowing the fresh air from outside to come inside my house.

I like to play video games (Halo Reach, anyone?).

I just finished reading Trail of Crumbs, and started a new mystery novel: Body Double by Tess Gerritsen.

I really liked Trail of Crumbs. The start was a little slow, but I thought I could relate to the author/main character – always searching for something, but not knowing what it is.

I like books like this, but I prefer to read books with an exciting plot: Harry Potter, for example. Or murder mysteries.

Growing up I used to love Agatha Christie and Nancy Drew novels, and the love of those books has remained with me still.

Speak of Harry Potter, is anyone going to see it this weekend? I’m thinking about going to a matinee sometime this weekend.

What are your plans this weekend?
Do you enjoy reading? What kind of books do you prefer?
Does anyone own a Kindle/Nook? Thoughts?

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One Response to Mental health day

  1. I ❤ mental health days to reboot. They're the best!!!

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