To pack your lunch

Most days of the week I don’t have the luxury of enjoying lunch at home. I’m usually at work, but occasionally I’ll have to eat lunch at work. Instead of eating out everyday, I opt to pack my lunch – often using up leftovers, but mostly ensuring that what I’m eating is healthy and as little processed as possible.

Gather your ingredients: bread with hummus and mustard, fresh basil, sliced red onion, cucumber slices, turkey, some grapes, a hunk of brie and some butternut squash soup.



Assemble and pack up. I like to make sure I’ve got plenty of fruits, veggies and water, and to balance it out throw in protein (such as turkey, quinoa, edamame, tofu, etc.), some carbs (crackers or bread usually), and some fat (salad dressing, cheese, nuts, etc.).


Don’t forget dessert! A hunk of dark chocolate does the trick.

Do you prefer to pack your lunch or eat out?

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7 Responses to To pack your lunch

  1. Caitlyn says:

    I’m a pack-your-lunch girl! I enjoy having control over what I eat, and knowing it’s a healthy option.

    Your earthfare lunchbox is wicked!! I got mine from earthfare as well!

  2. Katie says:

    I always always pack my lunch. I am far too cheap and picky to eat out everyday.

  3. Germane says:

    I have grown to love packing lunch over the past year since getting a “real” job. I know my meal will be something to enjoy without worrying about it not being healthy. Plus, it saves money and eliminates leftovers.

  4. teenagehealthfreak says:

    DEFINATLY..pack my lunch!!! i spend so much money so i can make my own healthy foods, i can’t afford to eat out!! lol 🙂 ur lunch looks great!!!

  5. I’m a lunch packer too. Saves money, tastes way better and leaves me more time for lingering over lunch instead of mad dashing around to grab something at a restaurant. I love your earth-friendly touch of including a cloth napkin in your bag. Thanks for tucking our dark chocolate square in there too!

    -Monica Erskine
    Endangered Species Chocolate

  6. I’m lucky in the fact that I get to eat at home most days. 😉 But when I used to work in the office, I almost always packed my lunch! My husband and I would meet at Starbucks every day, and eat our packed lunches outside when the weather was nice! I totally miss that!

    Definitely love the dark chocolate for dessert, too!

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