It’s all about seasonality

Wednesday is usually my favorite weekday. No class until 1p. Sometimes I have committee meetings, but not today. I took advantage of the free time to get some school reading and studying in, plus was really wanting a run this morning, so I went for it. Outside. In the cold. And it was fabulous. There was no humidity today so the chilly weather actually felt pretty good. I still wear gloves and ear muffs to keep those warm; I didn’t want them to turn really cold halfway out.

I didn’t worry about my pace. I wasn’t staring at my Garmin half the run. And I didn’t beat myself up over walk breaks.

Low stress runs are the best. I just cranked up the new Maroon 5 CD and enjoyed.

3.2 miles @ 9:34/mi pace with walk breaks.

Wednesday’s at Earthfare students get 5% off (it helps offset the expensive sales tax we pay for food in TN), so I always take advantage of this to get the majority of my weekly groceries. I do end up going a few times throughout the week to get some produce items as needed.

Larry Beans (one of my favorite coffee brands) has their Holiday Blend out. Plus it was on sale. Plus Earthfare had $1 off coupons. I couldn’t resist. I didn’t need anymore coffee. But I wanted it. I usually don’t drink soy milk, or Silk, but I wanted some non-dairy nog. So Silk Nog it was! Go Raw live granola, 3 zucchinis, 1 cucumber, pecans, brown rice, free brie cheese, more conditioner, 4 butternut squash, which I’ve already turned into my favorite puree & pudding (Katie and her genius self informed me you can roast the butternut squash whole. No need to slide and dice it)….


…some kale, Dagoba chocolate, Applegate Farms turkey breast, organic eggs, and spices (thyme, allspice, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice).


Double the squash, double the puree.
(Double the fun)


How has your Wednesday been?

I have a new enchilada recipe to be posted soon that I kind of swoon over. Hope you all enjoy!

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5 Responses to It’s all about seasonality

  1. b-nut squash can be roasted whole?! really?! that’s amazing. I have THE hardest time cutting into those babies. I’m ever sure if I’ll have two hands and ten fingers by the time I’m done!

  2. ZeeBee says:

    Hmm I also had no idea you could roast a butternut squash whole!! I’ve had one sitting on my counter just waiting for the perfect use.. and I think this might be it!! Can’t wait for that enchilada recipe! 🙂

  3. Katie says:

    You can thank me later for saving all your fingers. 😉

    Do I spy Eclipse Dagoba? That’s my fave flavor…the darker the better. Man, I used to love EarthFare when I lived in Athens….

    Wed blows. They are mys uper packed days. I was sick today (and for the last few days) though, so I got out of some non-essential meetings and such.

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