Vote Hemp

Did you know hemp can’t be grown in the US for industrial purposes (food, clothing, paper, etc.)? It’s illegal. So all the great hemp products we enjoy (protein powder, hemp seeds, hemp milk, hemp ice cream, clothes, bracelets, etc.) is imported from other countries that can grow it.



History lesson: Did you know the Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper?

Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp. And Benjamin Franklin owned a mill that made hemp paper.


Historically it’s an important crop, one that I love, and has gotten a bad rap because it’s always associated with marijuana.

I’m about to get all “political.” Well, not really. That’s not my style.

But if anyone is interested, I just thought I’d bring awareness that you can write your representatives letting them know how you feel about this issue (if you have an opinion which I do; I love hemp).

So I encourage you to Vote Hemp! ๐Ÿ™‚ You can find your representatives here, and just shoot them a quick email letting them know your thoughts.

(Is anyone totally turned off from reading my blog anymore because of this?)

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5 Responses to Vote Hemp

  1. pshaw, absolutely not turned off from reading your blog! i had no idea it was illegal, so i’m glad you brought it to my attention. there is definitely a calling for these products – it’s silly to be illegal. why not keep the money in the US for hemp seed, milk, protein powder, clothing, rope, etc. is we have the resources? it’s rather foolish, if you ask me!

  2. I *love* Hemp Milk! So I’m all for growing it here in the US. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  4. Raindrops2000 says:

    I live in Canada where it can be grown legally, under a lot of regulations. I’m a seller of hemp products I do know that In some states it is legal to grow under strict regulations and those states pay a high price for hemp products. I’m very blessed to buy it no matter what Country it comes from and that people are becoming more aware of this great gift we have.

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