Making Something From Nothing

…is such a great feeling. It seems a lot of my hobbies are like this: quilting, cooking. You take a bunch of raw materials and transform them into something new, something better.

Fabric: cut sewn and pieced together to make something beautiful.



Food: measured, sauteed, baked, mixed into something delicious.

It takes some imagination. And some know-how about combining to get the best effect.

This is the next set to be turned into blocks.


It wasn’t something I just picked up over night. It took me a long time to figure out how to both sew and cook. Starting out small: just sewing pieces of fabrics before tackling a bigger project; sauteeing sliced zucchini and sweet potatoes, and boxed mixes before tackling the bigger things like baking bread.

Patience is a virtue.

Let’s make something from nothing.

What’s something it took you awhile to learn to do that you now love?

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4 Responses to Making Something From Nothing

  1. What a gorgeous quilt, and material for the next. I was always envious of my sister when she would pop out one beautiful quilt after another – I wish I had the talent!
    It took me a while to learn how to cook and bake, too – and I am by no means done learning! I don’t think I ever want to stop, though – the learning is the fun part! I a sense, I think photography can be making something out of nothing. Taking something someone sees every day, and turning it into something you have to look twice at.

  2. That quilt is s obeautiful. I have definitely always wanted to learn how to knit or crochet!

  3. The quilt is gorgeous!! You are so talented. It must feel so rewarding to see all your hard work pay off like that. 😀

  4. Katie says:

    I love it all!!! Making stuff, you know I am into that. 😀

    The quilt is amazing and is something I have yet to tackle…

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