Bucket List

I just created a page with some of my bucket list items to have them written down and keep them fresh in my head.

What are some things you want to do in your life?

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6 Responses to Bucket List

  1. Oh fun! I made one over the summer, and I need to recheck it in order to keep myself on track. I’m determined to complete a lot of them before I turn 30 (which thankfully gives me some time, as I can’t see myself owning a goat farm within the next couple of years 😉 )

  2. Kelly says:

    I know it sounds simple but all I want is to have a baby with Keith. We are trying and there are some problems but I have faith that it will all work out.

  3. Great list! I’ve yet to create one, but what a fun thing and I need too. Love the Macy’s Parade, that would be on mine too. 🙂 And maybe write a novel, travel the world and start a charity.

  4. Steph says:

    LOVE the bucket list – I have a friend in peace corps and he blogs! You should check it out http://whereintheworldisflick.tumblr.com. He just got to Africa, but it’s so cool to hear what he’s been up too!

    Also, if you pay your local Harley Davidson dealership a visit, some do offer classes (I took one when I worked retail for them and learned on a Buell – my parents are ride or die).

    If you make it to Antarctica to cross off visiting all 7 continents, will you please post pictures of the penguins?

    • Ashlei says:

      I will definitely check out his blog. The Peace Corp is something I’ve always wanted to do. Or if not that maybe the Public Health Corp, or something that would allow me to practice pharmacy in a developing country. I would love to be able to bring healthcare to others who really need it in other countries 🙂

      I’m hoping when I graduate to get a motorcycle! 2.5 years! lol. Not too far away, right?

      And I will definitely post pictures of penguins if/when I make it down to Antarctica!

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