Amazon Planet Acai

I recently got to try Acai for the first time. It’s been on my “list” of things I’ve been wanting to try – mainly because of its superfood status (it contains tons of antioxidants as well as healthy fatty acids, and omega 6 and 9 FAs) and because of my love of berries and fruits.

Amazon Planet let me sample some of their freeze dried packs of acai powder. They also offer frozen acai which would make a great addition to smoothies or ice cream, don’t you think?

They offer 3 different varieties of powders:

  • PowerPowder (100% pure, organic acai powder)
  • EnergyPowder (Organic açai powder with organic Ginkgo Biloba and Green Tea extracts)
  • ImmunePowder (Organic açai powder with organic Echinacea and Astragalus extracts)





I really enjoyed all three flavors of the powders. They reminded me of a combination of blueberries and blackberries. I decided to add these to a blueberry banana smoothie, with wonderful results, as well as to some plain goats milk yogurt. It really does mix up nicely and lend a nice flavor to the yogurt. There was no grittiness in either the smoothie or the yogurt.


Have you tried acai powder or juice? What did you think? If not, would you want to sometime?

Thanks again Amazon Planet!

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4 Responses to Amazon Planet Acai

  1. Katie says:

    Never had acai, but I just heard a really long discussion about it on NPR yesterday. Apparently, it is touted here in the US as a weight loss food, but in Brazil, people eat it to gain weight! Like bodybuilders add it to protein shakes to add calories after lifting.

    They interviewed people from Brazil and told them how it is marketed here, and they were all “stupid Americans”. 😉

    • Ashlei says:

      Haha gotta love those Brazilians.

      I forgot it was touted as a weight loss supplement here. I don’t know how that would work though. It tastes good, so I’ll eat it. 🙂

  2. I’ve tried acai in a drink before, but it’s cool that they have the powder form too. I love the color it lended to your yogurt. 😀

  3. Woah, freeze dried packs?! That’s pretty crazy and I don’t think I’ve ever tried acai.

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