An old favorite

This morning started out with a nice short run in the crisp cool air outside. 🙂 I ended walking a big portion of it because I could feel my knee starting to act up. I can’t wait to figure out 1. what’s wrong with it, and 2. what to do about it.

I came home ready for some breakfast and was feeling something creamy and hot. Usually I turn to oatbran, but this was right in front when I opened the cabinets and it was just calling my name.

Oh, creamy rice, it’s been too long.


I’ve also been enjoying copious amount of figs before they’re gone until next summer. I love seasonality – eating different things different times of the year – but I do miss the summer berries, figs, and tomatoes when it starts to get cold.

I also opened a new jar of nut butter after plowing through what I already had opened. This stuff could be dangerous: Macadamia Butter. It’s creamy. Rich. Delicious,

Have you tried it?

What old breakfasts have you recently re-discovered?

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8 Responses to An old favorite

  1. Michelle says:

    I haven’t tried it! I have to admit I’ve been going on with the same old breakfasts for a while. hehe.

  2. Katie says:

    I got macadamia nut butter Artisana samples. I won’t let myself buy a jar though – that would never last in my hot little hands.

    I just ate oat bran for my nighttime snack last night for the first time in months. I don’t know if it is the coming of fall or what, but I missed the oat bran.

  3. I love macadamia butter! I just tried some from my Artisana samples, too.

    So, dumb question, but how do you eat a fig exactly? :/ lol.

  4. Surprisingly, I have never had a fresh fig!!! I love “in season” foods – they are so delicious!

  5. I love figs too and they’re everywhere now! Oh my, macadamia nut butter could be dangerous for me, I just killed a jar of pistachio butter that was amazing.

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